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Oak Ridge
Site Specific Advisory Board

Approved June 7, 2000, Meeting Minutes
The Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (ORSSAB) held its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2000, at the Garden Plaza Hotel in Oak Ridge, beginning at 6:00 p.m. A video tape record of the meeting was made and may be viewed by calling the SSAB support office at 865-241-3665.

Members Present
Jake Alexander
Shane Bellis*
Jeff Cange
Darlene Carder
Mary Lynn Fletcher
Luther Gibson, Jr.
Randy Gordon
Steve Kopp, Chair
Avalon Mansfield*
David Mosby
Bill Pardue
Pat Rush
Lorene Sigal
Coralie Staley
Scott Vowell
Charles Washington

*Student representative

Members Absent
Deborah Alexander
Steve Lewis
Demetra Nelson, Vice Chair
Peery Shaffer
Darrell Srdoc
Rikki Traylor, Secretary

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officios Present
Connie Jones, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
John Owsley, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)
Teresa Perry,DOE-Oak Ridge Offices (DOE-ORO)

Others Present
Dave Adler, DOE-ORO
Sheree Black, SSAB support office
Regina Griego, DOE-Headquarters (DOE-HQ)
Chuck Jenkins, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC
Pete Osborne, SSAB support office
Bill Seay, DOE-ORO, Leader, Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR) Remediation Management Group
Pat Worthington, DOE-HQ

Eleven members of the public attended the meeting.

Mr. Seay gave an overview of the ORR watersheds and distributed a copy of his presentation overheads (Attachment 1). After Mr. Seay concluded his presentation, the following questions were asked by SSAB members and the public.

Questioner Question Mr. Seay’s Response (abridged)
Randy Gordon Is there a monthly summary report of contaminant releases from the ORR? The Annual Site Environmental Report summarizes that information.
How does DOE justify using grouting and in situ vitrification (ISV) when those technologies have been unsuccessful in the past? Only a few small areas are proposed for grouting and ISV. The problem with the ISV demonstration was due to excessive moisture in the materials, which caused a "burp" of gasses.
What percentage of the $250M being spent on remediation activities is being devoted to ISV and grouting? I don’t have those figures, but I will be glad to supply them.
What’s being done about the tributaries that currently run through the site of the on-site waste disposal facility? We’re cutting off the tributaries above the facility and rerouting them around it.
Charles Washington Can you put into perspective the contaminated sediments that lie downstream from the ORR in relation to those on site? The heavily contaminated off-site sediments were laid down some time ago and have been since covered over by more benign sediments. Controls that have been put into place will prevent disturbance of these sediments.
The controls you’ve mention are for manmade disturbances. What about natural ones? Is sampling being performed to gauge this? Mr. Seay deferred to Mr. Adler, who replied that a comprehensive off-site sampling program is in place.
Steve Kopp Is the on-site waste disposal facility on schedule, and what’s the status of the trust fund associated with it? The site is being cleared, and activities are on schedule. DOE has tagged $1M for the trust fund in this year’s budget.
Scott Vowel How will the on-site waste facility affect modernization activities at the Y-12 Plant? There should not be any effects. The uranium storage facility proposed at Y-12 will not be near the waste facility.
Al Brooks On one of your overheads you have the term "major risks." Can you qualify them? We have performed substantial work on the reservation so far to mitigate contamination migration and risk, so the term risk is relative to land use, rather than any imminent danger.
Kenneth Campbell How many sampling wells are there, and how often are they sampled? There are thousands of them, and they are mostly sampled quarterly. Results are summarized in the Annual Site Environmental Report.

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officio Comments
Mr. Seay (acting in Mr. Nelson’s stead) welcomed the new Board members and student representatives, and he made the following announcements:

• Ms. Perry has left the Environmental Management Program (EM) to accept a position in the DOE-ORO Health and Safety organization. Dave Adler will serve as DOE-ORO ex officio until a permanent replacement is announced.

• Twenty low-level waste monoliths have been shipped from Oak Ridge to the Nevada Test Site.

Mr. Pardue asked Mr. Seay for an update on the transfer of the DOE property adjoining the Boeing site. Mr. Seay replied that discussions about the transfer are in progress and that EM is supporting the ORO Realty Office in an advisory capacity regarding access restrictions.

Mr. Pardue asked Mr. Seay if anyone representing themselves as speaking for the Board had recently sent written comments about the transfer to ORO. Mr. Seay had not seen such correspondence, but he offered to follow up on the question.

In response to an action from the April 5, 2000, Board meeting, Ms. Jones reported that EPA has no data on contamination at the Boeing property.

Ms. Jones informed the Board that EPA intends to sign the Bear Creek Valley Record of Decision in the next seven to ten days and that work is progressing on the response to comments on the Scarboro draft sampling plan.

Mr. Owsley announced that TDEC is conducting a series of meetings throughout the state on revised drinking water standards and reporting. The closest meeting to Oak Ridge will be at the Kingston Community Center on June 22.

Public Comment
Ms. Pam Watson thanked the Board for forwarding to her information she had requested at the April 5th Board meeting. She reported that she had also requested similar information through the Freedom of Information Act, but the response she received was incomplete. Ms. Watson asked for a breakdown and source for cost savings via subcontracting (roughly $300M) reported in recent Bechtel Jacobs monthly progress reports. Mr. Cange referred Ms. Watson to a table supplied to the Project Baseline Team by DOE-ORO, and he explained how reported cost savings were computed. Mr. Kopp volunteered to supply Ms. Watson with a copy of the table.

Ms. Watson expressed concern about the lack of information presented in the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act notices of permit modifications that have been distributed by the State. Mr. Kopp responded that the purpose of the notice is to direct stakeholders to additional information available at the Information Resource Center.

Announcements and Other Board Business
The next monthly Board meeting will be Wednesday, July 5, 6:00 p.m., at the Garden Plaza Hotel in Oak Ridge. The presentation will focus on waste disposal options, with presentations by representatives from the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Envirocare, and the Nevada Test Site.

A special meeting for new Board member orientation and general Board member education will be held Wednesday, June 21, 6:00 p.m., at Pellissippi State Community College. The agenda will include an overview of the ORR, a review of ORSSAB bylaws, and a discussion of DOE-HQ guidance for SSAB members.

Mr. Kopp welcomed the new Board members (Darlene Carder, Mary Lynn Fletcher, Coralie Staley, and Scott Vowell) and student representatives (Shane Bellis and Avalon Mansfield) who were attending their first ORSSAB meeting. The three other new Board members (Deborah Alexander, Steve Lewis, and Peery Shaffer) were unable to attend the meeting.

Mr. Kopp reported that the Board’s technical support contract has been awarded to Phoenix Environmental, which held the contract last year.

Mr. Kopp recognized Ms. Pat Worthington and Ms. Gina Griego, who are members of the DOE-HQ environmental health investigation team that had been tasked by HQ to report on past and present health conditions at the three gaseous diffusion plants. Ms. Worthington briefly described the team’s activities at the East Tennessee Technology Park, and Mr. Kopp asked for volunteers to talk to the team about DOE-ORO/ORSSAB interaction. Mr. Pardue, Mr. Kopp, Mr. Washington, Ms. Rush, Mr. Gibson, and Mr. Gordon volunteered. At Ms. Sigal’s suggestion, Bob Peelle will be asked to serve on the panel as well. Staff will contact Mr. Peelle and set up the meeting with the HQ team.

The date of the annual retreat was discussed as a result of a scheduling conflict involving the Board’s technical advisor/facilitator. Mr. Gordon moved that the event be held August 11 and 12. Mr. Alexander seconded the motion, and the motion was approved, 10 in favor, four opposed.

The Board voted to delay action on two agenda items until the July meeting: (1) recommendation that ORSSAB retain the current project/special project teams for FY 2001 and (2) motion to amend ORSSAB Bylaws Article VII to change the wording "project teams" to "standing committees" and "special project teams" to "ad hoc committees."

One correction (changing antidotal to anecdotal) was made to May 3, 2000, Board meeting minutes. The minutes were subsequently approved by a unanimous vote.

Ms. Sigal presented a motion to approve recommendations and comments on the 2000 Remediation Effectiveness Report (Attachment 2). The motion was approved, 12 in favor, 1 opposed (Mr. Gordon), and 1 abstention (Ms. Fletcher). Ms. Fletcher requested that all new Board members receive a copy of the report.

Mr. Pardue, Ms. Sigal, and Mr. Washington volunteered to serve on the FY 2001 nominating committee. Ms. Rush presented a motion to approve the committee, and the motion was approved, 13 in favor, 1 opposed (Mr. Gordon).

The meeting adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

Attachments to these minutes are available upon request from the SSAB support office.

Motions and Recommendations
Ms. Sigal moved to approve the amended minutes of the May 3, 2000, Board meeting. Mr. Pardue seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Ms. Sigal moved to approve recommendations and comments on the 2000 Remediation Effectiveness Report. Ms. Rush seconded the motion, and the motion was approved, 12 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention.

Ms. Rush moved to approve Mr. Pardue, Ms. Sigal, and Mr. Washington as members of the FY 2001 nominating committee. Mr. Alexander seconded the motion, and the motion was approved, 13 in favor, 1 opposed.

Respectfully submitted,
Rikki Traylor, Secretary


Attachments (2)

Action Items
1. Mr. Seay will supply the Board with a breakdown of EM funds targeted for ISV and grouting.

2. SSAB support staff will contact Bob Peelle about serving on the panel that will meet with the DOE-HQ environmental health investigation team and set up the meeting with the team. Completed 6/8/00

3. Mr. Seay will respond to Mr. Pardue’s query about whether someone representing the Board had sent written comments to ORO about the transfer of DOE property adjoining the Boeing site.

4. SSAB support staff will supply Pam Watson with a copy of the table distributed to the Project Baseline Team by DOE-ORO detailing subcontract cost savings. Completed 6/20/00

5. SSAB support staff will supply new Board members with copies of the 2000 Remediation Effectiveness Report. Completed 6/19/00

1 Motion

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