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Oak Ridge
Site Specific Advisory Board

Approved August 4, 1999, Meeting Minutes

The Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (ORSSAB) held its regularly scheduled monthly board meeting on Wednesday, August 4, 1999, at the Garden Plaza Hotel, Oak Ridge, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Members Present

Robert Blaum
Donna Campbell
Jeff Cange
Luther Gibson, Jr.
Randy Gordon
Steve Kopp
David Mosby
Demetra Nelson
Bill Pardue, Chair
Bob Peelle
Pat Rush
Lorene Sigal
Darrell Srdoc
Charles Washington

Members Absent

James Alexander
Robert Brown
Rikki Traylor, Secretary
Anne-Marie Wiest, ORHS Representative

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officios Present

Rod Nelson, DOE-Oak Ridge Offices (DOE-ORO)
Marianne Heiskell, DOE-ORO
Connie Jones, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
John Owsley, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)

Others Present

Joe Alexander, former SSAB member
Sheree Black, SSAB Support Office
Jack Bowden, former SSAB member
Donna Campbell, former SSAB member
Fred Creswick, former SSAB member
Chuck Jenkins, Bechtel Jacobs Company LLC
Pete Osborne, SSAB Support Office
Ken Parks, former SSAB member
Bob Peelle, former SSAB member

Two members of the public attended the meeting.


Mr. Nelson presented appreciation plaques to the six Board members who had chosen not to be reappointed to the Board. The six members—Joe Alexander, Jack Bowden, Donna Campbell, Fred Creswick, Ken Parks, and Bob Peelle—had all served their entire terms of service. Three of the six—Joe Alexander, Donna Campbell, and Bob Peelle—were charter members of the Board.

For the benefit of the new Board members (and to refresh training for those who had been with the Board awhile) Ms. Heiskell gave the first in a series of training programs. This evening’s segment focused on a discussion of Oak Ridge stakeholders, federal advisory committees, Environmental Management boards, DOE requirements, and ethics.

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officio Comments

Mr. Nelson reported that the Secretary of Energy had visited the Weldon Spring, Missouri, site today to present the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Voluntary Protection Program award. (Weldon Spring falls under the purview of Oak Ridge Operations). Mr. Nelson believed that this marked the first time a DOE site had won the award.

Mr. Nelson informed the group that a video conference has been set up for next week to discuss the on-site CERCLA waste disposal facility and the Nevada Test Site (NTS) issue. Rod Nelson, Leah Dever, and Carolyn Huntoon will participate.

Ms. Heiskell advised the Board that a study is being planned by Judith Bradbury and Kristi Branch on site public participation programs. She also announced that Margaret Wilson will be leaving DOE for law school. Next week will be Margaret’s last on the job.

Ms. Jones said EPA is reviewing Keystone’s draft scope of work. She also said EPA is ready to present a draft environmental sampling plan for Scarboro to the Board. The document will go out for public comment around mid-September.

Public Comment

Mr. Norman Mulvenon, Chairman of the Citizens Advisory Panel of the Local Oversight Committee, introduced himself to new Board members and encouraged the Board and DOE to fund completion of the Stewardship Working Group’s report.

Announcements and Other Board Business

The next Board meeting will be Wednesday, September 1. Camilla Bond Warren, EPA Region 4 Section Chief for the DOE Remedial Section, will discuss the draft Environmental Sampling Plan for the Scarboro Community.

Ms. Rush offered one amendment to the minutes of the July 7, 1999, Board meeting: add Bob Peelle to the list of members in attendance at the meeting.

Chairman Pardue announced that Jake Alexander has now missed two consecutive Board meetings because of his teaching assignment at the University of Tennessee. Mr. Pardue explained that prior to being informed of his appointment to the Board, Mr. Alexander had made a summer teaching commitment that conflicts with Board meeting nights. According to the Board’s bylaws, members who fail to attend three consecutive regularly scheduled Board meetings may be recommended for removal from the Board by a two-thirds vote of Board members. Extenuating circumstances necessitating Board member absences will be taken into account, however. Mr. Pardue will call Mr. Alexander to explain.

Mr. Washington presented the Nominating Committee’s recommendations for Fiscal Year (FY) 2000 officers: Chair—Steve Kopp, Vice-Chair—Demetra Nelson, Secretary—Rikki Traylor. The vote for new Board officers will be taken at the September meeting.

Chairman Pardue reported on preliminary plans for the Board’s retreat, which is slated for Friday, October 15, 3:30–9:00 p.m., and Saturday, October 16, 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Discussion of agenda item IX.B (Draft Special Rules of Order and Standing Rules) was postponed until the September Board meeting.

Mr. Gordon informed the group that the Waste Management Team had drafted a joint resolution between ORSSAB and the NTS Citizens Advisory Board on opening NTS to shipment of Oak Ridge low-level waste and allowing NTS to ship approved wastes to the Toxic Substances Control Act Incinerator. Modifications will be made to the draft resolution at the next Waste Management Team meeting.

Leaders of the ORSSAB project teams discussed FY 1999 team activities, and a summary of activities was distributed (Attachment 1).

Motions and Recommendations

Ms. Rush moved to approve the meeting agenda. Mr. Kopp seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Ms. Rush moved to close nominations for FY 2000 Board officers. Ms. Sigal seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Chairman Pardue presented the motion from the Executive Committee to hold the Board’s retreat on October 15 and 16, 1999. The motion was unanimously approved.

Ms. Rush moved to approve the amended minutes of the July 7, 1999, Board meeting. Mr. Gibson seconded the motion, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Washington presented the motion from the Executive Committee to approve the amended letter to Rod Nelson requesting utilization statistics (Attachment 2). The motion was unanimously approved.

Chairman Pardue presented the motion from the Executive Committee to approve the Process for Technical Assistance Requests (Attachment 3). The motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,
Rikki Traylor, Secretary

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