Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management
Site Specific Advisory Board

Approved December 2, 1998, Meeting Minutes

The Oak Ridge Reservation Environmental Management Site Specific Advisory Board (ORREMSSAB) held its regularly scheduled monthly board meeting on Wednesday, December 2, 1998, at the Ramada Inn Ballroom, Oak Ridge, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Members Present

Bill Pardue, Chair
Jack Bowden
Donna Campbell
Randy Gordon
Steve Kopp
Demetra Nelson
Ken Parks
Bob Peelle
Lorene Sigal
Rikki Traylor
Charles Washington

Members Absent

Joe Alexander
Fred Creswick
Pat Rush

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officios Present

Rod Nelson, Deputy Designated Federal Official
John Owsley, TDEC
Connie Jones, EPA Region 4, standing in for Camilla Warren

Others Present

Pat Parr, ORNL Area Manager
Chuck Spoons, DOE Reservation Management Team Chair
Chuck Jenkins, SSAB Support Office
Sheree Black, SSAB Support Office
Pete Osborne, SSAB Support Office
Jimmy Mackey, Savannah River Site (SRS) Citizens Advisory Board (CAB)
Wade Waters, Savannah River Site CAB

Six members of the public were recorded to have attended the meeting.


Ms. Pat Parr, ORNL Area Manager, spoke on "The Oak Ridge Reservation Comprehensive Integrated Plan." This plan, published in May 1998, is a summary document that provides information from other ORR site planning efforts. The web address for the plan is http://www.ornl.gov/~dmsi/cip/.

Question and Answer Session Following Presentation

Mr. Washington asked Ms. Parr if any minorities were involved in preparing the Integrated Plan. Ms. Parr answered no. Mr. Washington urged DOE to consider minority representation in all its considerations and deliberations. Ms. Traylor asked if any change is anticipated in minority representation. Mr. Chuck Spoons, DOE Chair of the Reservation Management Team, responded that minorities are represented on the Reservation Management Team.

Mr. Peelle asked whether ED-1 went through the land use approval process. Ms. Parr replied that ED-1 was set up before the Integrated Planning Process began. Mr. Pardue asked if there were any initiatives like ED-1 in the works. Ms. Parr said that the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) was the only big one.

Mr. Gordon asked how much historical information is disclosed in deeds when lands transfer from DOE to the private sector. The DOE Real Estate Office (Katy Cates) could possibly supply that information, Mr. Spoons responded.

Mr. Kopp asked how End Use Working Group recommendations were included in the plan. Ms. Parr replied that the recommendations are referenced in the plan and will be factored into future revisions.

Ms. Sigal asked if anyone is trying to determine what constitutes an appropriate buffer zone around sites needing remediation. Ms. Parr replied that she doesn't think the question has been specifically addressed.

Mr. Wade Waters of the SRS CAB asked if there were any portions of the reservation that will be designated for residential use. Ms. Parr deferred to Mr. Nelson, who noted that Parcel 8 has houses on it, and other areas could be used as such, although none have been yet identified.

Mr. Peelle asked if SNS went through the land use approval process. Ms. Parr replied that the process was still in development when SNS was approved, but it did go though a process.

Mr. Daniel Axelrod, a local stakeholder, recommended to Ms. Parr that a 50-year baseline summary document of the ORR be developed to characterize changes observed over time.

Mr. Jimmy Mackey of the SRS CAB asked how the land use approval process assured fairness in deeding land. Mr. Spoons replied that after all DOE uses for a parcel are assessed and self-sufficiency considerations with the City of Oak Ridge are made, the land is turned over to General Services Administration (GSA) for disposal. Mr. Peelle interjected that to date excess DOE land has been offered to the city, which then disposes of the land. The GSA process hasn't been used, as far as he knows.

Deputy Designated Federal Official and Ex-Officio Comments

Mr. Rod Nelson, SSAB Deputy Designated Federal Official, responded to Mr. Washington's earlier comments, stating that DOE isn't where it wants to be as far as diversity is concerned, but it is working on the issue.

Mr. Nelson reported on the 1999 budget allocation (Attachment 1). The D&D Fund will be $25M more than the $190M shown because of a $10M carryover from 1998 and a $15M U.S. Energy Corp. credit.

In response to a question from Mr. Gordon on how the budget will affect milestones, Mr. John Owsley reported that TDEC has taken the position that it will not renegotiate milestones based on lack of funding. TDEC is currently waiting on DOE to decide if it will go into formal dispute on the two missed milestones for 1998. That decision will likely impact TDEC's position on the six milestones that are considered "at risk" for FY 1999.

Mr. Axelrod asked if TDEC or EPA had money to make up for DOE's funding shortfall. Ms. Jones replied that because DOE is the lead agency, it is required to obtain necessary funding for remediation. EPA is not set up programmatically to pick up the shortfall. EPA could invoke Superfund to obtain money for cleanup, but only in private sector instances, and DOE does not fall into that category. Mr. Owsley reiterated Ms. Jones' position with respect to TDEC, with the exception that one of the milestones missed in FY 1998 was for the site treatment plan, which is a state regulatory requirement. State policy is that lack of funding is not a legitimate defense for lack of compliance. That policy applies to all regulated entities, of which DOE is one. Mr. Axelrod asked how much money would be required for DOE to meet its regulatory milestones. Mr. Nelson's reply was $5M-$6M for FY 1998 and $17M for FY 1999.

Mr. John Owsley mentioned that written comments on TDEC's Four-Year Strategic Plan are due December 10, 1998. Teleconferences are being held as well. Mr. Pardue responded that ORREMSSAB would not be able to comment due to time constraints, and he encouraged members to respond as stakeholders.

Ms. Connie Jones reported that EPA is actively working on supplying the Board with Toxic Release Inventory Geographic Information Survey data, although the time frame is not known. Mr. Pardue reminded Ms. Jones that it had been almost 2 years since the original request for the data.

Ms. Jones also reported that there will be an organizational meeting concerning the various health studies being conducted in Oak Ridge. The meeting will be held in early February; Camilla Warren will be coordinating.

Public Comment


Announcements and Other Board Business

The next Board meeting was set for Wednesday, January 6, 1999. The presentation will focus on the Annual Site Environmental Report.

The next SSAB Chairs Meeting will be held February 16-18, somewhere in the vicinity of SRS. The chair and one other SSAB member may attend. Mr. Pardue asked Board members to let him know if they are interested in going.

Approval of November 7 Board Workshop minutes was postponed until the January 6 Board meeting, pending their revision.

Mr. Wade Waters thanked the Board for its hospitality and applauded the Board on its public outreach efforts. Mr. Jimmy Mackey also thanked the Board and expressed the hope that the SRS CAB and ORREMSSAB can work together more closely in the future. He also invited ORREMSSAB members to a risk communication meeting on December 11 at Hilton Head.

Motions and Recommendations

Mr. Kopp moved to approve the amended meeting agenda. Ms. Traylor seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Peelle moved to elect Rikki Traylor as Board secretary. Ms. Nelson seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Peelle moved to approve the amended minutes for the November 4 Board meeting. Mr. Kopp seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved.

Mr. Gordon moved to approve the "Comments on the Preapproval Draft Environmental Assessment: Intermodal Transportation of Low-Level Radioactive Waste to the Nevada Test Site." Mr. Peelle seconded the motion. The motion was unanimously approved. (Attachment 2)

Mr. Washington moved to approve the amended letter to CROET supporting placement of an EQAB member on the CROET board. Ms. Traylor seconded the motion. The motion was approved, ten for, one against. Mr. Gordon cast the dissenting vote. (Attachment 3)

Respectfully submitted,

Rikki R. Traylor, Secretary


Attachments (3)

Action Items

1. Mr. Gordon will ask that the Executive Committee consider getting someone from the DOE Real Estate Office to talk to the Board about deeds. Added to Executive Comm. agenda for 12/21/98

2. SSAB Support Office staff will set up initial meetings of the Budget and Waste Cell project teams. Completed 12/3/98

3. SSAB Support Office staff will review tapes from the November 7 Board Workshop and revise meeting minutes accordingly for presentation at the January 6 Board meeting.

1 Motion

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